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Of Time Traveling, Extinction and Falling in Love

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a time traveler? You can defy the space-time continuum. You can be in two places at once. You can be in different ends of the world in just a snap. You … Continue reading

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HI-TECH! We are all now living in the future. The grandparents of our grandparents would not have imagined this possible. They had believed that life was good for them and that life’s simplicities are what really mattered. But people started … Continue reading

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A New Trick

🙂 They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but we know that there was also somebody who said it’s also never too late to learn. Research? My mom has recently been asking me to teach her how … Continue reading

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HEADACHE! Modernity has definitely had a grave effect on our lives.  Human life has become easier and more difficult at the same time. Ironic? Tell me about it. With the advances of today’s age, everything is so fast-paced and at … Continue reading

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