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On the Road to Self-Absorption and Narcissism

Oh, the horror of narcissism. Crisis Remember the dramatic hostage-taking tragedy last August 23, 2010 at the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila? After the twelve-hour standoff between the police and the hostage-taker, after the gunman was “put down”, many of … Continue reading

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Generation Gap: History vs Modernity

Generation Gap Nintendo 64 never grows old for me and my cousins. It never goes outdated, obsolete, or out-of-date. I just came from a bonding session with my cousins earlier tonight playing all sorts of video games – MarioKart, Mario … Continue reading

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Last year we had Ondoy

In tonight’s TV Patrol news report, I learned that UP volunteers (and IBM) are developing new games in Facebook that center around the Ondoy fiasco. The disastrous typhoon happened almost a year ago already, and Filipinos are now preparing themselves … Continue reading

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Want a job? Be visible on Facebook!

WANT A JOB? BE VISIBLE ON FACEBOOK! I once considered it a myth or a scary story – that employers actually look at each and every applicant’s Facebook accounts and other social networking pages before they hire. Scary. I was … Continue reading

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HI-TECH! We are all now living in the future. The grandparents of our grandparents would not have imagined this possible. They had believed that life was good for them and that life’s simplicities are what really mattered. But people started … Continue reading

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A New Trick

🙂 They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but we know that there was also somebody who said it’s also never too late to learn. Research? My mom has recently been asking me to teach her how … Continue reading

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It’s Facebook, after all.

The Facebook Generation Facebook. Twitter. Tumblr. Plurk. Friendster. Ah yes, the social networking sites we’re all part of. With the goal of making the world smaller and getting people more connected, most of us engage in these sites to keep … Continue reading

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