Generation Gap: History vs Modernity

Generation Gap

Nintendo 64 never grows old for me and my cousins. It never goes outdated, obsolete, or out-of-date. I just came from a bonding session with my cousins earlier tonight playing all sorts of video games – MarioKart, Mario Party, Smash Brothers, NBA Courtside, Star Fox, and my favorite, James Bond 007.

These games never grow old for us, and we do not feel like we’ve aged one bit when our fingers find their way to wrap themselves around the three arms of the controllers. Suddenly we feel like we’re eight again. Oh, the good times.  Eight years old, simple, carefree, and young.

Age Difference

I look at the times now and I see that there is a great disparity with the enjoyment of children. During my time (as a child, 6-12 years old), I consider myself as a typical Generation Y kid: my eyes were always glued to the television – staring in awe at the marvelous strategies I was able to come up with to kill and win over my enemies in different video games, hence the Nintendo 64 obsession. I can play alone or with my brothers and cousins. Either way, I remember I always emerged victorious. 🙂

Our parents (Generation X) did not have this kind of technology yet, and I believe that the games they play during their time are the hopscotch (“piko”), the “Patintero”, the “Taguan”, the “Tumbang Preso”, and other outdoor games that require all players to sweat and get dirty while playing.

Now, the sports of our parents are already nearing extinction. Most children now do not even know them anymore. My Nintendo 64 has also been replaced already. Newcomers are the Wii, and those Facebook and other online games. Mafia Wars, FarmVille, Café World, Restaurant City, and many, many others, have taken the place of the games we all used to love.

In today’s generation, a child may be able to “play” just by sitting in front of the computer all day – not even having a ray of sunshine hit his or her skin because he or she is just inside the house.

Differences in Age

I have tabulated the differences among the three generations according to my experience and observations 🙂

Others may consider some as hasty generalizations, but still, this is what I think of the generational differences 🙂

Type of Games
Sunlight (being outdoors)
How to be proclaimed “winners”
Kids turn out to be:
Gen X (our parents)
Mostly outdoor
The sweatier or dirtier, the better?
Physically fit
Gen Y (us)
Emergence of video games, outdoor games still exist
The more the merrier
Being able to shout “in your face” at your opponent when you win
Either 🙂
Gen Z or iGen (children now)
Mostly indoor (video games, online games), outdoor games very rarely played
Not necessary, you can play games alone
Almost zero to none
When you beat the default high score registered in the computer

This is where the New Social Media come in

With the emergence of the new social media, most children now stick to their computers like glue. They spend a great amount of time online to play games on the Internet.

The NSM made the children forget how it is to have fun playing outdoor games and sweating in the sun with the friends one will treasure forever.  The NSM provided new avenues for children to “be children” using the modern technology. In Facebook alone, as the number one social networking site globally, there are hundreds of applications and games that one can play.

Organizations’ generation gap

Organizations are like these children. The ones who strictly abide by tradition belong to Generation X, the ones who put aside history and focus on modernity are Generation Z, and the ones that are able to equalize the “past” and the “future” are the Generation Y.

As what I can see now, my generation is the “transition” generation. We have a little bit of both the outdoor games and the online games. My childhood would not have been complete without the memories of sweating like crazy and controlling my heavy panting with difficulty while hiding from the “it” or the “taya” in hide and seek. My memories are also filled with happiness upon the recollection that I enjoyed playing Mafia Wars and Plants vs Zombies on the Internet. My generation has a little of both – we have the best of both worlds.

The same should go with organizations. The ones who stick with the old-fashioned, conventional means might not be able to adapt – bringing them to extinction. On the other hand, the organizations who have overlooked the greatness of the traditional social media, or simply let themselves be devoured by the modern, the new, and the advanced technology have “missed half of their lives” (as we often put it) – they will never know the other kind of greatness.

I believe that organizations must learn to be like the children of Generation Y (that’s us!). They must learn to have the old and the new balanced. In this way, they will have the best of both worlds. It’s win-win all the time! 🙂

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Major, Major Drawbacks

The Drawbacks

Conflicting Opposites

We are all familiar with the saying, “For every great man is a great woman behind him.” It’s true, it’s definitely true. A good cannot be considered “good” without having an opposite, which is the “bad”. We cannot tell that our left hand is the left one without having to refer to our other hand, which we consider is the right hand. There is always a corresponding opposite to everything. In the saying stated above, there is a great woman in contrast (opposite yet equivalent) to the great man. Let’s take this in context of the new social media. I have often written about the goodness that NSM brought to our lives, but in dealing with this good thing, we must not take for granted the opposite of it all. There is good and there is bad. Or, in this case, for every good thing about the new social media, there is always a bad thing behind it.

Peyton’s story

one tree hill

One Tree Hill is one of my most favorite television series. I love how it defines the characters of five teenagers namely Lucas, Peyton, Brooke, Nathan, and Haley, whose lives are all intertwined. I have watched all the episodes of this series beginning from Season 1 up to Season 5, but stopped being a fanatic of Seasons 6 and 7.

The character that I supported and is my favorite is Peyton. Peyton Sawyer is an artist and she reveals all her emotions on her pieces of art. She can be very emotional and “dark” at times, and her vulnerability always eats her up. She has lost her mother when she was still very young, and this major drawback caused her to have “mommy (or family) issues”. She thinks she is invincible but in reality, she just needs someone to understand her. This led her to turn to cyberspace and vent out her life stories on the Internet.

peyton's art

Peyton has regular podcasts on her website and her webcam is always turned on. Her friends and “fans” can always see her through the webcam. She posts her “life” online and is unaware that she is being stalked by a crazy love-struck fan who pretended to be the brother she is looking for. Because Peyton published intimate details of her life on cyberspace, the stalker was immediately able to find out where she lives. This person, who introduced himself as Peyton’s brother, easily found a way to be close to Peyton. Eventually, Peyton found out the truth and after a very violent confrontation, was able to get away from her stalker.

Podcasting and the Stalker Scare

One of the workshops conducted in class is about how to create a podcast and post it online. When we were doing our own podcasts as a group activity, I remembered the Peyton Sawyer story and I realized that there could be major burdens when dealing with the new social media.

Let me incorporate the fictional “stalker scare” of Peyton with my realizations of the disadvantages of using the new social media.


peyton's stalker

1. Lack of Anonymity

Peyton posted all of her life stories in cyberspace. She chose that her life be an open book to her followers, her listeners, and that caused real trouble for her. She put out information about her family, her history, where she lives, what school she goes to, her hobbies and interests, her experiences with relationships, her ups and downs with her best friend, EVERYTHING. We could always say that we can be careful with what we put out there on the Internet, but people can find ways to dig up information. We can never be too careful. We can never really protect the data that we give out. We can use codenames, or aliases, sure – but there will always be a glitch in there somewhere that will lead to the discovery of the true identity of that person.

2. Harassment

pictures of "YYOU"

Because of the wealth of information we put “out there”, we may no longer be safe. Corporations are scammed, individuals are harassed.  There have been many reports about identity theft, and most of the information we give out can be taken advantage of.

3. “Transparent” Network

The NSM offer a lot of platforms for socializing but it comes with a price. With being free to socialize with anyone, we form various connections. We form big networks. We become part of big communities. Every point in these networks will always lead to other networks and the connections will go on and on and on. For every line in these connections, there are several other dots, and these dots represent the many people that are part of our network. All of them will gain information from us, about us, and the transparency of our connections is affirmed. Every little detail will be “out there” for grabs, and privacy and security might be compromised.

We Can Stop Being Peytons

the two sides of peyton - the good and the bad

Being careless and carefree can longer be accepted. We realize that there is a counterpart for the praises we bestow on the new social media. Peyton’s story might be fictional but it could happen. It is derived from reality and all of us can become victims. With all the harm that is brought by the seemingly great and halo-deserving NSM,  carefulness is not only a value that makes us proud, it is also a requirement most especially for us netizens.

Perhaps we can opt not to post intimate information on the web. Enemies or rivals (or stalkers!) might use them against us or to outmaneuver us, and the “real” people in our lives won’t need them anyway. Just a thought. 🙂

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Last year we had Ondoy

In tonight’s TV Patrol news report, I learned that UP volunteers (and IBM) are developing new games in Facebook that center around the Ondoy fiasco. The disastrous typhoon happened almost a year ago already, and Filipinos are now preparing themselves should another disaster occur (as nature’s way of celebrating the first anniversary of Ondoy?).

(But I cannot find any written news online 😦 )

Isn’t it just amazing how Facebook –once branded by adults as distracting or “panira” to the academic life of their children – can actually be educational now?  One of the interviewees said that they are planning this game to be helpful in a way that it will enable finding and locating which areas are going to be flooded and which areas need help in times of floods.

I remember last year, during the height of Ondoy’s rage, how Facebook was of great help to Filipinos – victims and volunteers both. Because everyone was tuned in to Facebook, different groups were able to locate which areas were in deep need of food, clothing, and medicines. A lot of people were also able to communicate and form groups to volunteer to the “depressed” areas. Facebook and Twitter are the two social networking sites I’m registered in, and these two sites were the ones I regularly checked to watch closely how everyday people became extraordinary heroes.

Because of SNS, it was made easier for the good-natured Filipinos to find our fellow countrymen who need help, and the “luckier” ones who did not have their homes destroyed were able to assemble online communities to talk to each other and set-up a volunteer program for the needy.

I actually learned about my religious community’s attempt to help the Ondoy victims through Facebook. My best friend and I were chatting in a thread and she told me that she and her parents were going to donate clothes for the victims. The donations will then be transported to a flooded area and food and medicines will be given, too, by the volunteers. I asked my parents that we do the same. We started rummaging through our closets and got the ones that we can donate.

This is only one of the many instances where Facebook and other SNS have actually been very useful and beneficial for us. It’s not a distraction, it’s just that sometimes Facebook temporarily put our minds away (but only temporarily!) So please stop hating Facebook. 🙂 As I’ve pointed out, it actually helped a lot of people! 🙂

(Okay, the last two sentences are meant for my mom 🙂 )

So as we are nearing the anniversary of Ondoy, let us remember how FACEBOOK has been very good to us. Let us be thankful that Facebook was invented, and let us be appreciative of the fact that Facebook is essential in our lives. 😛


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Want a job? Be visible on Facebook!


I once considered it a myth or a scary story – that employers actually look at each and every applicant’s Facebook accounts and other social networking pages before they hire. Scary. I was too scared that future employers will see how much of a scatterbrain I actually am, or that my page is too bland and I have no hint of creativity, or that I am too emotional with things that I post on my page – these things might hinder them from putting my resume in the “Hired” pile. My Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, Multiply, LiveJournal, and other web pages might even make them think twice before considering me for a second interview. But now I have learned that instead of fearing it, having a “cyber profile” can actually work to my advantage.
Here’s why. 🙂

Number one. I can furnish and equip these pages of mine with my good works [of art, haha!]. If you don’t already know (err, maybe you don’t), I love to write. I’m in love with writing in blogs, writing short stories, writing about things I’m really passionate about. In these cyber pages, I can put in the entries I’m most proud of, and these articles, stories, essays – you name it – they may get me one step closer to getting hired. If my target employer likes my content, my style, and my passion for writing, surely he or she will consider and re-consider (forever and ever!) that the job be given to me. Yeay! 🙂

Number two. I can show my true personality without getting attacked by forces of the unknown. (Huh? That made me stop, too!) Because I have the sole control over these pages, I can easily shift away from things that I consider will be negative or detrimental to my online personality. I can load my “online self” with things that really matter to me, and avoid the things that I do not want to deal with. I have the control, I have the power. 🙂 I can be as aggressive as I want to be, or I can be as mushy-lushy, soft-y type of person (the two extremes of my personality) without dealing with the general public. I can control my world. And I can show my true personality without fear of being judged (too quickly). 🙂

Number three. Well, at least they’d know that I know how to use the computer and the internet. 🙂 That’s a plus, eh? 🙂

Hmmm. I guess I just really have to remember what my other classmates have already posted on their respective blogs. In dealing with cyber pages and social networking sites, I must be very extra careful with the things that I share publicly.

For example, I will not post nasty remarks or comments about my co-workers, and worse- about my boss or future employer, or about the company I’m applying in, right?

Facebook can really be helpful – it’s just that now, it’s still kind of a distraction for students like me. 🙂

In the future, I will already have learned that Facebook and other social networking sites or the New Social Media in general – are a means for getting that headstart to being hired.

Oh no, now I’m getting WAY too excited for my first job hunt! 🙂

Better recall the passwords for all those online pages and start updating them STAT!

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AQUAJOSHI: our community drinking station

Introducing AQUAJOSHI, our community drinking station!

It is a necessity for a subdivision that there be a water station inside it. And that’s what Mr. Dan Howell Manalo decided two months ago.

As a homeowner in Base View Homes Subdivision, Mr. Dan thought of his neighbors and his family who depend on an outside source to get water. He saw how difficult it was to not have a water station nearby. They had to drive to the city to get their water jugs refilled, and sometimes it takes a long time before they can be serviced. This spurred an idea in him that maybe -just maybe- he can become helpful to a lot of people by starting his own water refilling business. Not only is he able to help his neighbors, it will also be his source of living. Cool idea, huh?

AquaJoshi: our community drinking station

Thus, AQUAJOSHI started. Located at Joshi Building, Base View Homes Commercial Area, inside the subdivision, this new water station is able to serve at least a hundred households. Not only is the proximity a big help to his neighbors, the cheap price but good quality of water is also plus! For only P40.00, one can get his or her 5-gallon container filled already.

More perks?

H2O Purifiers of AquaJoshi

This water station has two sets of water purifier and its water source is theMetro Lipa Water District, and a monthly water analysis from MLWD.

It has service delivery vehicles and amicable helpers will deliver your orders right at your doorstep.

What are you waiting for? Switch to AQUAJOSHI now!

Mr. Dan Howell assures you of good quality and good service because he believes that providing his neighbors with the best quality of service will be good karma.

“For only P40.00, my neighbors will get the best quality of purified water from somebody whom they trust. I want to provide this kind of service to them – the water being safe and clean and healthy – because it is the same water that my children will be drinking. My service to my neighbors is also my service to my family. They know they can trust me.”

-Mr. Dan Howell

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We are all now living in the future. The grandparents of our grandparents would not have imagined this possible. They had believed that life was good for them and that life’s simplicities are what really mattered. But people started to develop a need for a lot of things. Inventions were then made from every corner. The development of new technologies made it possible for the people to have an answer for their every need and every whim. We have developed new and more needs than what is humanly essential.  But at least, we learned to develop these new technologies to find answers and to develop those answers for everyone’s welfare. Thus, the future began: yesterday seemed very problematic, tomorrow will have all the answers, and today is the day that we start living our lives.

A Practical Alternative

On weekends, my mom would always catch me still up and alive at 1 in the morning in front of a laptop, earphones plugged in, and an ice cream cup or whatever food nearby. I tell her I’m still in a meeting that’s why I cannot go to sleep yet. It’s not just an alibi, because I really am in a meeting at the time. She would often frown and get back in bed, and save the questions for breakfast.

So why am I usually still up at 1 am? Aside from the reason that my Internet at home works best and does not disconnect every ten seconds during the wee hours of the morning, it is also the time when cyber meetings occur for academics. The group that I’m part of would meet and discuss through the Internet the things that we have to do. Instead of setting up a meeting and going to school, this is a very practical alternative. Why?

Number one. We stay at the comforts of our own homes. The outside world is a very dangerous place to be in at night.

Number two. We are not limited with time. There are sometimes curfews and other obligations that limit us to spending a great amount of time to discuss.

Number three. We can readily research the topic at hand. Oh, the joy of the Internet! 🙂

Up and alive at 1

At breakfast, I explain to my parents the three reasons stated above. They then ask why do we still need to talk until 1 in the morning. It’s already too late in the night, they say. I answer, “Di kasi dumadating on time.” We set a meeting at 8, we start at 9:30. We do not finish straightaway because we do not get to the point straightaway. There are always distractions. Sometimes we would notice that in these cyber conversations, there would be idle moments that are equivalent to “dead air” during personal conversations. I believe that during this time we are all on Facebook or playing something on the Internet. We become distracted that’s why we do not finish early. 🙂

When I said that it was a cyber meeting, using the Yahoo Messenger Conference, my dad exclaimed, “Aba! Parang meeting in person lang ah! Hi-tech!!!”

Internet on the road

Another incident where my parents get so amazed with the new technology and the new social media is when they were driving me to Manila and I just sit quietly in the back of the car and plug my Globe Tattoo Broadband in my laptop. Even while on the road in a moving vehicle, I get to use the Internet! Cool, huh? My parents think so too. 🙂

I was able to catch up on checking a last minute email of a professor (for a different subject 🙂 ) that was needed for the day. My dad was able to check his mail, too, and check his account on an online banking website, and he and my mom were able to find a decent restaurant in the area using the Internet while we were driving! It’s really amazing what wondrous things the Internet and the new social media have brought and contributed to the development of the lives of the people.

Oh the wonders of today’s technological advancement. Yesterday, everything did not seem possible. I wonder what’s out there in the future. There could be more and more and more. Fascinating. 🙂

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A New Trick


They say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks, but we know that there was also somebody who said it’s also never too late to learn.


My mom has recently been asking me to teach her how to use the Internet. She has never been a fan. (I’m not comparing her to a dog, okay? That was a metaphor! 🙂 ) She asks that I “research” every imaginable topic under the sun, ranging from news and current events, to the latest news and gossip about celebrities, up to the holidays in the Philippines. I’d be an obedient daughter and follow without complaint ( 🙂 ) but I get so busy sometimes that I can no longer accommodate her requests. This spurred an idea that I teach her about the basics of using the Internet, like which search engines to use, which websites to go to, how to stream on YouTube, etc.

Growing Trend

Sometimes I check my Facebook while in the middle of our “research” while we were waiting for the page to load. She would peek at the page and ask me different things about Facebook. I asked her once whether she’d like me to make her one, too. I expected she’d say yes after showing her the pages of her colleagues and friends and some of my aunts and uncles. What stunned me is her reply to this: “I don’t want to be like the rest of them, “ayokong makigaya sa uso”, I’m unique.”

There have been many others who think this way. Adults seen on Facebook and other social networking sites (I know some who have Twitter too!) are not to be looked down on, instead I admire them for being able to adapt to the current situation of that modern technology has brought upon us. Learning how to use the new social media makes us able to adapt to this changing world. It’s not just about the “uso” or being part of the growing trend on Facebook, it’s about being able to use the resources that are readily available.


I have tried reasoning with my mom about the advantages of knowing how to use Facebook and other types of NSM. She’s still learning, so I don’t expect that she’d understand that it’s a basic need now for all people 🙂

1. Practicality

Because everyone you know and the friends of your friends’ friends are already on Facebook, why shouldn’t you? It’s much easier to communicate, it’s much more effortless to form or join a network that you share common interests with. You don’t have to spend too much to be able to maintain a personal relationship with family and relatives on the other side of the world. You can also create and maintain good working relationships with other professionals or colleagues. This is not just about being “in”, it’s practicable.

2. Convenience

It’s already there, and everyone’s already there. Why not use what has been given to you for free? We use what is readily available. We no longer need to tire our fingers with writing letters and spend some money to send it to long distances. We no longer need to spend a few bucks to call someone overseas. Life is made much easier because the world has been placed in our fingers, and with just one click of a button we make the world revolve around us.

3. Adaptability to change

Pretty soon, there will be a need for all people to be with NSM. Just like with cellular phones, it will be a need for all people for communication and research and business. But we need not get too much attached with the new social media. We use it but we can control it, not be controlled by it.

It’s never too late to start living in the future, so don’t get stuck in the past.

We change. We adapt. We become better. We survive. We learn new tricks. We use Facebook. 🙂

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