Of Time Traveling, Extinction and Falling in Love

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a time traveler? You can defy the space-time continuum. You can be in two places at once. You can be in different ends of the world in just a snap. You can go back and forth in history. You can prevent a disaster from happening in a matter of seconds. You know what I would do? I will start my day anywhere in the world, have brunch in England with Princess Diana, shop in New York with the great-great granddaughter of Oprah Winfrey, spend the afternoon with the penguins in Antarctica when global warming was still just a scare, and dine and fall in love in Paris with my husband-to-be. The following day will be yet another day. I can start all over in a different country and end the day perhaps in another century. That would be really cool. 🙂

But that is just me. 🙂

What if we really did have the capability to travel through time? We can bridge the gap between the past and the future. The kids in the past (who turned out to be our parents and grandparents, who knew?) missed a lot of cool stuff that is available to us now and will be more “cool” in the coming years.

The children of tomorrow (who will be our children and grandchildren, yikes!) also would have missed the cool stuff that is deeply rooted in the past and have long been forgotten. Wouldn’t it really be just wonderful if we can time travel and never forget the past and never miss out on the future? 🙂

But, sad as it may be, it is not possible (yet!) for us to time travel. It is inevitable that we will forget the past and we will miss out on what the future holds. What’s even sadder is that with the emergence of the new social media, we forget more easily, we take for granted the little things that are not supposed to “go away” until after quite some time. 😦

My brother and I came across an online article that we both found funny and interesting. This TIME magazine article (http://www.time.com/time/specials/packages/completelist/0,29569,2011482,00.html) lists down the things that are no longer possible or accessible to the generation of children today.

Top 10 Things Kids Today Will Never Experience

1.       Camera Film

2.       Landline Phones

3.       Real Books

4.       Being Lost

5.       Music Videos on MTV

6.       Walkmans

7.       The Glory Days of Nick at Nite

8.       Tan M&Ms

9.       Czechoslovakia

10.   Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator

Some I found really funny, some sort of disappointing.

Some of the things listed above are brought to extinction because of the new social media and the modern technology. Camera films are replaced by digital cameras, DSLRs, and webcams, perhaps. Landline phones are nearly extinct because of cordless phones, mobile phones, and what-have-you’s. Books are now digital and electronic, too! We have e-books stored in laptops, Smartphones and iPads. No one ever has to get lost anymore. We have GPS, tracking devices and softwares.

Being lost surely would have been a once-in-a-lifetime rollercoaster experience. Too bad it’s not happening anymore. 🙂 (kidding 🙂 )

The new social media have given us a lot of opportunities to help us adapt to the fast pace of modern life, but they’ve also made us miss out on so much. I guess there can never really be a perfect state. We just need to balance the good and the bad. 🙂

In the future –future, future, future (with echoing voices) – I hope our children will be able to develop an “honest-to-goodness” time travelling machine so everyone will not miss out on anything. Wouldn’t it be really fun to merge the past and the future in the present? I know I want that. I can date Ashton Kutcher when he’s still in his early twenties. 🙂

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8 Responses to Of Time Traveling, Extinction and Falling in Love

  1. starrylines says:

    I love daydreaming, too! Of what could happen if we have this power and that. I guess, it’s just human nature to dream of other setting and circumstance than what we already have now. But as you said, there could never be a perfect state in this world. And though it appears that the advent of New Social Media made us miss a lot of fun and cool things from the past, I know that the kids back then would be dying to experience what we experience now because of NSM. Yes, it’s just a matter of balancing and even focusing on the good of the moment and appreciate it better that way. 🙂

  2. This post brings nostalgia to me. Music videos on MTV , #5, are big things to me because they define my childhood. I love music because of MTV Asia (no MTV Phils yet that time) and I have never loved any other music channel other than that until now.
    The fact that the next generation will be enjoying a different set of things from what we enjoyed a decade ago is sad. Now I am thinking twice on whether I favor exposing children to technology at a very young age (like buying them netbooks or iPods). There are just so many good things in life technology cannot capture.

  3. sarahforward says:

    Hey Jeca, certainly the things we experienced are the things we miss the most. However, I don’t thinks our parents and grandparents missed out on some of the cool stuff you mentioned. They had some cool stuffs too during their time. Only that we didn’t get to appreciate it today.

    It’s good to miss certain things like the ones you posted here, but if doing away with it makes life a little less complicated then we only have to be grateful. If it weren’t for the genius of some people before us, we might not be enjoying these kind privileges now.

  4. The things mentioned in the list aren’t really completely gone but they just evolved to suit the modern lifestyle. I think that what makes a certain generation unique. Each has their own story to tell and each story is worth listening to because it shows how we as humans live a very dynamic and exciting life because we never stop reinventing to improve our lives.

  5. melem1 says:

    I have an issue with getting lost because i always have a way of getting lost myself.

    I find it really hard to use maps and have to rely on talking to random strangers to get to where i want to be.

    Guess it just means that not everything can be achieved through the net and it really is more dependent on the ability of people to use it. The Philippines, being relatively just a back-water country as far as the Net goes (or any other things for that matter), has a very diverse type of consumers. There are people who know and people who do not know. So don’t just generalize people and group them together. You may be missing a point here and there 🙂

  6. Dreaming? Of course, I’m an expert on that (ahem.. DREAMSanddoodles). I would love to ride that future, future, future time machine and revisit the things that I loved before. Actually, of the 10 things on the list you posted, I’m not familiar with 3 things on it. I guess you could say that were already part of the transition generation. But I think I have to agree with Allen, some of the things on the list aren’t really gone for good. They have just evolved into modern and better versions. Don’t be sad that they’re not able to experience the the things that we’ve experience. I’m sure that every generation has its own advantages and experiences unique to their generation. 🙂

  7. This post brought me back to my childhood days. Yes, I was that kid who’s actually crying over a pack of M&Ms. I was always lost when my parents would bring me to the grocery. HAHA! 🙂 Ancient as they may seem, I still find their importance in today’s technology-driven society.

  8. ahhh… the wonders of time travel. And I can’t help but fantasize on all the things you have said Jody. But have you considered how complicated it will be if we can time travel? How can we change things in the past, or in the future, and when we go back to our present, everything is all messed up.

    We invent new technology, because of the wonders they can do. But sometimes, people are hard to embrace it because of fear. Although, of course, these are most of the time substantiated and rational fear.

    Nonetheless, unless we really get to see the technology and what it can do, everything will be philosophical rantings and endless debates. New things are things to be feared. A critical yet open mind will be our greatest weapon to test these new things, if it will be for better or for worse. But in the mean time, my advise to people, keep on dreaming. Even the thought of time travel now is whimsical even insanity. And same as going to the moon some time in the past.

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