We are the Masters of the Future


“There’s a new master of the digital universe. YOU.”

Even Yahoo Mail knows that truth.

We belong to Generation Y (rough estimate: 18-30 yrs old), and with this branding comes the title of being the “techie generation”, or the “experts in social media”. Older generations see us as having this certain knack or aptitude for technology, hence the terms ”iGen” and “techie”. It is only proper, I believe, because the tag Gen Y is almost synonymous with the new social media such as social networking site, (Facebook in particular), microblogging (Twitter), podcasting, wikis, and others.

For a generation that was brought into the world just when technology has started to boom, it is practically expected of us that we become skilled and knowledgeable in the new social media. Proficiency in NSM must come naturally to us. It may be intimidating to the older generations, but for one who practically lived his or her life side by side with NSM, naivety and “innocence” seem almost shameful.

As we are nearing the buzzer of our college lives (hopefully we graduate on time! 🙂 ), it is highly anticipated that we will take over the corporate world. As we become young professionals, we bring our knowledge, experience, and expertise in NSM to the workplace. And hopefully share the time and effort to the older generations, because eventually older generations would catch on and join in the bandwagon – wouldn’t it feel much better to know that you taught this certain superior of yours how to tweet? You’d know that he wouldn’t have made it without you, that’s a plus! 🙂

Yes, as we take on the challenge of facing the corporate world with the certainty that every breath is in tune with NSM, we know we have the power to influence, to make a difference. We are the Gen Y, and the future of the corporations lies within our hands. There’s no need to question why. 🙂

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2 Responses to We are the Masters of the Future

  1. Franze says:

    I remember the time when I was a complete Internet noob. Now I use the Internet practically everyday. The first time I used the ‘Net, I never imagined that sites like Friendster and Facebook would appear and take over people’s social lives. I guess these gradual changes – the almost imperceptible integration of technology and daily life – becomes rather surprising when viewed from hindsight. Anyways, more than being users, we should be ‘discoverers’ – I mean, we should be on the lookout for new trends that might take the world by storm and tools that will help us in our work. By being able to forecast tomorrow’s next big thing and use the tools at our disposal, we become more effective and efficient communicators.

  2. I agree, I am the master, or mistress at that, of the future. 🙂 Since organizations consider their consumers as king, I have the potential of actually dictating their work. Isn’t that amazing? That people like us, so little, can actually influence the decisions of a world-renowned company?

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