AQUAJOSHI: our community drinking station

Introducing AQUAJOSHI, our community drinking station!

It is a necessity for a subdivision that there be a water station inside it. And that’s what Mr. Dan Howell Manalo decided two months ago.

As a homeowner in Base View Homes Subdivision, Mr. Dan thought of his neighbors and his family who depend on an outside source to get water. He saw how difficult it was to not have a water station nearby. They had to drive to the city to get their water jugs refilled, and sometimes it takes a long time before they can be serviced. This spurred an idea in him that maybe -just maybe- he can become helpful to a lot of people by starting his own water refilling business. Not only is he able to help his neighbors, it will also be his source of living. Cool idea, huh?

AquaJoshi: our community drinking station

Thus, AQUAJOSHI started. Located at Joshi Building, Base View Homes Commercial Area, inside the subdivision, this new water station is able to serve at least a hundred households. Not only is the proximity a big help to his neighbors, the cheap price but good quality of water is also plus! For only P40.00, one can get his or her 5-gallon container filled already.

More perks?

H2O Purifiers of AquaJoshi

This water station has two sets of water purifier and its water source is theMetro Lipa Water District, and a monthly water analysis from MLWD.

It has service delivery vehicles and amicable helpers will deliver your orders right at your doorstep.

What are you waiting for? Switch to AQUAJOSHI now!

Mr. Dan Howell assures you of good quality and good service because he believes that providing his neighbors with the best quality of service will be good karma.

“For only P40.00, my neighbors will get the best quality of purified water from somebody whom they trust. I want to provide this kind of service to them – the water being safe and clean and healthy – because it is the same water that my children will be drinking. My service to my neighbors is also my service to my family. They know they can trust me.”

-Mr. Dan Howell

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One Response to AQUAJOSHI: our community drinking station

  1. mydigitalcommpass says:

    Social Media Release! Haha. I can still remember when we were doing mine. 🙂
    MF and Mcdo before Keish’s birthday 🙂

    Nice SMR. Though it kinda looks different from the template Sir Barry gave us last year. 🙂 is AquaJoshi your brother’s water station? hehe. 🙂

    Miss you Jeca! 🙂

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