We are all now living in the future. The grandparents of our grandparents would not have imagined this possible. They had believed that life was good for them and that life’s simplicities are what really mattered. But people started to develop a need for a lot of things. Inventions were then made from every corner. The development of new technologies made it possible for the people to have an answer for their every need and every whim. We have developed new and more needs than what is humanly essential.  But at least, we learned to develop these new technologies to find answers and to develop those answers for everyone’s welfare. Thus, the future began: yesterday seemed very problematic, tomorrow will have all the answers, and today is the day that we start living our lives.

A Practical Alternative

On weekends, my mom would always catch me still up and alive at 1 in the morning in front of a laptop, earphones plugged in, and an ice cream cup or whatever food nearby. I tell her I’m still in a meeting that’s why I cannot go to sleep yet. It’s not just an alibi, because I really am in a meeting at the time. She would often frown and get back in bed, and save the questions for breakfast.

So why am I usually still up at 1 am? Aside from the reason that my Internet at home works best and does not disconnect every ten seconds during the wee hours of the morning, it is also the time when cyber meetings occur for academics. The group that I’m part of would meet and discuss through the Internet the things that we have to do. Instead of setting up a meeting and going to school, this is a very practical alternative. Why?

Number one. We stay at the comforts of our own homes. The outside world is a very dangerous place to be in at night.

Number two. We are not limited with time. There are sometimes curfews and other obligations that limit us to spending a great amount of time to discuss.

Number three. We can readily research the topic at hand. Oh, the joy of the Internet! 🙂

Up and alive at 1

At breakfast, I explain to my parents the three reasons stated above. They then ask why do we still need to talk until 1 in the morning. It’s already too late in the night, they say. I answer, “Di kasi dumadating on time.” We set a meeting at 8, we start at 9:30. We do not finish straightaway because we do not get to the point straightaway. There are always distractions. Sometimes we would notice that in these cyber conversations, there would be idle moments that are equivalent to “dead air” during personal conversations. I believe that during this time we are all on Facebook or playing something on the Internet. We become distracted that’s why we do not finish early. 🙂

When I said that it was a cyber meeting, using the Yahoo Messenger Conference, my dad exclaimed, “Aba! Parang meeting in person lang ah! Hi-tech!!!”

Internet on the road

Another incident where my parents get so amazed with the new technology and the new social media is when they were driving me to Manila and I just sit quietly in the back of the car and plug my Globe Tattoo Broadband in my laptop. Even while on the road in a moving vehicle, I get to use the Internet! Cool, huh? My parents think so too. 🙂

I was able to catch up on checking a last minute email of a professor (for a different subject 🙂 ) that was needed for the day. My dad was able to check his mail, too, and check his account on an online banking website, and he and my mom were able to find a decent restaurant in the area using the Internet while we were driving! It’s really amazing what wondrous things the Internet and the new social media have brought and contributed to the development of the lives of the people.

Oh the wonders of today’s technological advancement. Yesterday, everything did not seem possible. I wonder what’s out there in the future. There could be more and more and more. Fascinating. 🙂

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