I remember (after scanning through Sir Barry’s blog and chancing upon an entry he wrote for his Lola) watching an episode of Rated K that featured this hopeless romantic who continues to stay in touch (and in love) with his deceased wife through his blog. As a confessed fellow hopeless romantic (err…) I feel for him and I empathize with him. His love for his wife is so strong and so great that it transcends the distance of heaven and earth, of life and death. Even after the death of his better half, Roy de la Cruz continues to talk to her, to rant about his bad day, to tell her of the happenings in their three children’s lives, to bring her good news, and to just simply say hello to her after a very long day. I have no way of knowing (or remembering from the episode) when his wife was welcomed into the Lord’s loving embrace, but I do know this: Roy started writing letters to her on April 11, 2008, yes, that long ago.

His first entry – the first of a never-ending series of virtual love letters to his wife – is the ultimate proof that love is limited by no boundaries, that even after a physical separation, the lovers can still connect with each other through other means. Indeed, love will always find a way.

Heaven sent, message sent

Roy de la Cruz is a real blogger. He keeps and maintains around 16 other blogs including Be Inspired Now!, Etsetera! Etsetera!, In My Mind’s Eye, Kapampangan Blog, Money OnLine, More Than Just Copy-Paste, Reflections, Roysville dot Com, Short Stories Blog, Single Fatherhood, Subukan Taya Ing Kapampangan, Sugar Coated World, The House Of Puroy, The Struggling Blogger, The Struggling Blogger dot com, and Travel To Angeles City.

With the experience and familiarity that he’s had with the new social media, blogs in particular, he found a way to stay connected with his wife. (Even though he, or any of us for that matter, is NOT entirely sure if his cyber messages actually reach his wife or if there’s even an internet connection in heaven.) The answer to this kind of longing and searching for ways to stay connected is the new social media. Because of the growing trends of the Internet, we are given that possibility and a lot more:

• We are able to re-connect and stay connected with our loved ones (even as dramatic and as profound as writing to a deceased loved one);

• Communication has been so much easier with just one click, as compared to having to wait in line for a five-minute use of a pay phone or having a writhing pain in your wrist due to writing extremely long messages to be sent via snail mail;

• Business transactions run more smoothly no matter the distance or the time difference of the business deals because doing business in real time is no longer a necessity;

• Delivering news from the other side of the world and researching about the latest developments in science and medicine have been easier and more practical for everyone;

• And a lot more possibilities that the new social media promise us.

As if she never left at all

Still, PROBABLY for Roy, the best advantage of the new social media is that he can write to his wife and tell her all about the day’s events as if she were still beside him – as if she never left at all. The communication exchange has been dented, yes, because one party can no longer answer back, but still, the message is still being sent to the intended receiver. No amount of noise or distraction can hinder this husband of ever sending all of his love to his late wife. Who knows? Maybe she can read all of those letters, maybe there is indeed Internet in heaven.

Sending his love up in the sky

Today the world sees a whole lot of promises that the new social media bring to humankind. Lives have been better and easier because of the hustle and bustle of these advantages. The future of the new social media holds a vast and endless string of possibilities for us, and it will for Roy, too. Everything happens for a reason. And maybe, the reason for the existence of the new social media is to help Roy cope with life through technology. The new social media will bring Roy’s love letters to his wife, signed, sealed and delivered, in heaven’s perfect time.

Roy de la Cruz's blog of love letters to his late wife

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4 Responses to HEAVEN SENT

  1. starrylines says:

    oh, i was touched by this post, Jeca! 🙂 I wasn’t able to personally watch Rated K’s episode featuring this story but it surely demonstrates how the New Social Media could indeed be used for communication, even to loved ones who already died. People are certainly getting more and more creative in how they would utilize the Internet. Who would have thought of blogging for someone in heaven? But yes, Roy de la Cruz is doing it. I guess this just shows that at the end of the day, it would still be us, humans, who would decide how to use the internet, and never the other way around. 🙂

  2. This post is heartbreaking. 😦

    What Roy dela Cruz is doing is beyond compare. For the first time, I realized that blogging is far more beyond academics, products, markets, workplaces. Blogging can actually touch human inner emotions that we never thought we could express face-to-face. For the first time, I realized that there is something that only blogging can do perfectly. To let the whole world know how much you love someone is such an honorable act for me- Roy’s wife may never read his posts but he was able to make his wife’s memory immortal through blogging. Now I know, the saying “If you want to be immortal, plant a tree or write a poem” is incomplete. ‘Write a blog’ should be the added option.

    I’m inspired. 🙂

  3. Patsy says:

    I admire how much passion he has for his wife in heaven. And as a fellow romantic, I could see myself doing the same to a loved one. However, I get the chills. I vaguely remember our topic with Miss Thea about the stages where there was Anger, Withdrawal/Disbelief, Grief, and then moving on. I’m not so sure but it is possible that this man has not moved on from his grief since he didn’t bid his wife farewell forever. He probably is still stuck into his fantasy. I know it’s not my business to meddle in his ‘trip’ but it’s just scary. It is similar to having an imaginary friend. And bad things could happen. Social media may seem a good tool for pouring your emotions but it is dangerous also if used as an escape from reality.

  4. KC says:

    I have watched this episode in Rated K before! His love is indeed very strong that he does not see death as a hindrance to express how much he loves his wife. These letters may not be read by his other half, but they sure can inspire a lot of people to tell their loved ones how much they love them before it’s too late. But, like Patsy said, these letters on his blog let him be stuck in his fantasy world. There are a lot of things to love in this world, and not only your wife. NSM can either help you deal with reality or escape it.

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