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my attempt at creating an SMR for Unilab Ideas Positive 🙂

a delayed post, (i blame the internet for crashing down last night! HAHAHA) but I hope it will still be accepted 🙂

Yeay! SMR for Unilab Ideas Positive 🙂


Ideas Positive Facebook page


Ideas Positive webpage

and some photos are mine 🙂

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Meet the other Justin Bieber: a Philadelphia lawyer who started his own legal practice, and has been weighing the odds of success with his name.

“This Bieber, a graduate of Widener Law School, started practicing in Center City in 2006 and, like any young lawyer, he set about building a business and making a name for himself. And then last summer, the name he was making for himself no longer seemed to be his.” (

Because of his very famous namesake, Justin the lawyer receives tons of phone calls and Facebook invites all the time. His name “sticks” to the minds of the people, and he uses this to his advantage. “Many people do not know the name of a lawyer, so to have a name like his come to mind so quickly could potentially be very helpful”.

Other Name Troubles

I have an uncle who was burdened with the rejection of his US Visa because he was thought to be a criminal. Why? His name was the same as the criminal’s. The authorities checked his name and the registered form showed that this man with that certain name is on the run from a crime he is guilty of. Because of that certain data on the computer, my uncle’s US Visa was put in jeopardy. He, then, had to work extra efforts to clear his name and prove that he’s not the same man charged with criminal offenses. Fortunately, his name was cleared after some time. (I have no idea what happened to the real criminal.)

I have a very common name. My first names Jessica and Lou are very common. In fact, in my original block (during my first year in college) alone, there is another Jessica (who we decided to call Matee  after her surname) and there is another Lou (we still call her Lou). I had no choice but to be called Jeca (I wasn’t a fan of that nickname before) so as to avoid confusion.

Additionally, I’ve met another Jessica Maralit who also lives in Batangas. She calls me her “katukayo”. She’s very much older than I am, and she soon became one of my mentors for doctrine classes. In one of our idle moments, she told me that she once tried to google her name and found several pages that are not in the slightest bit associated with her. She said it was amazing that she got to meet the other Jessica Maralit who probably owns those pages she found online. I tried googling our name, too, and found that most of the pages are actually linked to me, and only one out of five are linked to her.

This incidence led me to think that having this certain name can actually make or break a person. What if my name pertains to a criminal (like that of my uncle’s)? What will happen then when I start looking for a job already? Will I be prosecuted, too? What if I share the same name with a volunteer missionary in Africa (this is true, the other Jessica Maralit is indeed a missionary in Africa)? Is it okay if I take the credit and the praises associated with the name?

Organizations and Branding

Does this happen also to corporations? What if a well known person associated with a certain brand suddenly has a slip and destroys his or her name? Will the brand associated to his or her name be destroyed as well?

If a CEO of a company merits an award or a recognition for a good deed, will his or her victory reflect the name and be beneficial for the company, too?

Organizations, therefore, must be careful with branding, so as to protect their reputation and image.

“Branding is a function of two things – building awareness and then building meaning behind that awareness.” (quoted from the article mentioned above)

This is the reason why there are companies who resort to “re-branding”. When their names are stained, their reputation is destroyed. Re-branding will help them recover and gain back the trust of their customers.

What’s in a name, then?

It might mean everything; it might mean nothing at all.

There are many JESSICAs and LOUs out there, many MARALITs too. What’s in a name? Should I be worried about that when it comes to applying for a job? I pray the odds will go in my favor. 🙂 Let the googling commence! 🙂

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Of Time Traveling, Extinction and Falling in Love

Have you ever imagined what it’s like to be a time traveler? You can defy the space-time continuum. You can be in two places at once. You can be in different ends of the world in just a snap. You can go back and forth in history. You can prevent a disaster from happening in a matter of seconds. You know what I would do? I will start my day anywhere in the world, have brunch in England with Princess Diana, shop in New York with the great-great granddaughter of Oprah Winfrey, spend the afternoon with the penguins in Antarctica when global warming was still just a scare, and dine and fall in love in Paris with my husband-to-be. The following day will be yet another day. I can start all over in a different country and end the day perhaps in another century. That would be really cool. 🙂

But that is just me. 🙂

What if we really did have the capability to travel through time? We can bridge the gap between the past and the future. The kids in the past (who turned out to be our parents and grandparents, who knew?) missed a lot of cool stuff that is available to us now and will be more “cool” in the coming years.

The children of tomorrow (who will be our children and grandchildren, yikes!) also would have missed the cool stuff that is deeply rooted in the past and have long been forgotten. Wouldn’t it really be just wonderful if we can time travel and never forget the past and never miss out on the future? 🙂

But, sad as it may be, it is not possible (yet!) for us to time travel. It is inevitable that we will forget the past and we will miss out on what the future holds. What’s even sadder is that with the emergence of the new social media, we forget more easily, we take for granted the little things that are not supposed to “go away” until after quite some time. 😦

My brother and I came across an online article that we both found funny and interesting. This TIME magazine article (,29569,2011482,00.html) lists down the things that are no longer possible or accessible to the generation of children today.

Top 10 Things Kids Today Will Never Experience

1.       Camera Film

2.       Landline Phones

3.       Real Books

4.       Being Lost

5.       Music Videos on MTV

6.       Walkmans

7.       The Glory Days of Nick at Nite

8.       Tan M&Ms

9.       Czechoslovakia

10.   Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Terminator

Some I found really funny, some sort of disappointing.

Some of the things listed above are brought to extinction because of the new social media and the modern technology. Camera films are replaced by digital cameras, DSLRs, and webcams, perhaps. Landline phones are nearly extinct because of cordless phones, mobile phones, and what-have-you’s. Books are now digital and electronic, too! We have e-books stored in laptops, Smartphones and iPads. No one ever has to get lost anymore. We have GPS, tracking devices and softwares.

Being lost surely would have been a once-in-a-lifetime rollercoaster experience. Too bad it’s not happening anymore. 🙂 (kidding 🙂 )

The new social media have given us a lot of opportunities to help us adapt to the fast pace of modern life, but they’ve also made us miss out on so much. I guess there can never really be a perfect state. We just need to balance the good and the bad. 🙂

In the future –future, future, future (with echoing voices) – I hope our children will be able to develop an “honest-to-goodness” time travelling machine so everyone will not miss out on anything. Wouldn’t it be really fun to merge the past and the future in the present? I know I want that. I can date Ashton Kutcher when he’s still in his early twenties. 🙂

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On the Road to Self-Absorption and Narcissism

Oh, the horror of narcissism.


Remember the dramatic hostage-taking tragedy last August 23, 2010 at the Quirino Grand Stand in Manila? After the twelve-hour standoff between the police and the hostage-taker, after the gunman was “put down”, many of the passersby and even the police themselves posed in front of the tour bus where the hostage-taking was held, and smiled their best smiles and teased the camera.

photo courtesy of

taking a facebook profile picture

Soiling the honor

What a shameful act! All in the name of having a new Facebook profile picture! These people brought dishonor to our country and aggravated the anger and resentment by other nationalities towards our beloved nation.

They turned the scene of the crime into a tourist spot, which is very ironic considering that tourists died inside a tourist bus held hostage by a renowned Filipino police.

They wanted to make these pictures their profile pictures, sad to say but it’s true. 😦

A similar instance happened in Israel concerning one of its soldiers.

According to the Yahoo News article entitled “On Facebook: Israeli soldier posed with bound Arab” ( , “A former Israeli soldier posted photos on Facebook of herself in uniform smiling beside bound and blindfolded Palestinian prisoners, drawing sharp criticism Monday from the Israeli military and Palestinian officials.”

All for a new profile picture

These two cases led me to think that social networking sites (like Facebook) and other forms of new social media can bring about “irrational” behaviors to their users.

These SNS (social networking sites) let users create and publicize their own profiles. Uploading pictures, inviting to events, updating status messages or shout outs, and engaging in conversations are only a few of the activities that can be done. Therein comes a certain compulsive need for most users (me, as a case in point) to always have the latest or coolest photos uploaded on their respective pages. If the photo portrays the user as someone who is very good-looking, he or she is most likely to keep that photo posted. On the other hand, when one sees himself or herself in the photos not looking too good or acquiring negative comments, he or she will almost certainly delete that specific picture.

Narcissism results from obsessive wanting that the self be extolled. To be put on a pedestal is something that is really flattering, and I believe that narcissism and self-absorption stem from this.


The Filipino people and police condemn their fellow ordinary citizens and policemen respectively for even having the guts to “smile for the camera” and upload those pictures on the web. It was a really disgraceful act. They violated the code of ethics and the moral standards of humanity. The policemen who were identified in the pictures were given proper sanction. There is no written report or documentation, however, whether the ordinary citizens were penalized, too.

This soiled the name of our beloved country even further. We cannot really put a stop to it because it still depends on the discipline and restraint of the people to be that much self-absorbed. However, we can always remember that if we want to help our nation rise from the ashes, we must be morally upright. We can start by NOT POSING FOR (and posting online) A FACEBOOK PHOTO DURING SENSITIVE EVENTS.

Let me repeat: it is utterly, completely, and absolutely shameful and unethical to do that. We know better. We uphold ethical principles. Kung ayaw mong mabastos, huwag ka ding mang-bastos. I hope the “persecuted” Facebook narcissists have learned their lesson.

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Viral Video Project # 1 :))

So I would remember 🙂

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Tired of Nursing a Broken Heart?

Tell you what, so am I. 🙂 No need to worry. Stop and PAWS for a while. This one is for you. 🙂

You cannot buy love. But you can adopt one. 🙂

OrCom 152 Viral Video Project – PAWS

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We are the Masters of the Future


“There’s a new master of the digital universe. YOU.”

Even Yahoo Mail knows that truth.

We belong to Generation Y (rough estimate: 18-30 yrs old), and with this branding comes the title of being the “techie generation”, or the “experts in social media”. Older generations see us as having this certain knack or aptitude for technology, hence the terms ”iGen” and “techie”. It is only proper, I believe, because the tag Gen Y is almost synonymous with the new social media such as social networking site, (Facebook in particular), microblogging (Twitter), podcasting, wikis, and others.

For a generation that was brought into the world just when technology has started to boom, it is practically expected of us that we become skilled and knowledgeable in the new social media. Proficiency in NSM must come naturally to us. It may be intimidating to the older generations, but for one who practically lived his or her life side by side with NSM, naivety and “innocence” seem almost shameful.

As we are nearing the buzzer of our college lives (hopefully we graduate on time! 🙂 ), it is highly anticipated that we will take over the corporate world. As we become young professionals, we bring our knowledge, experience, and expertise in NSM to the workplace. And hopefully share the time and effort to the older generations, because eventually older generations would catch on and join in the bandwagon – wouldn’t it feel much better to know that you taught this certain superior of yours how to tweet? You’d know that he wouldn’t have made it without you, that’s a plus! 🙂

Yes, as we take on the challenge of facing the corporate world with the certainty that every breath is in tune with NSM, we know we have the power to influence, to make a difference. We are the Gen Y, and the future of the corporations lies within our hands. There’s no need to question why. 🙂

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